Crazy Games


It was a very cold rainy winters day and because of this James decided to make the best computer game in the world. There was a loud booming sound on the roof. “That’ll be the possums” he thought.

RING! Went his alarm clock. His alarm clock had been broken for a month now and it just seemed to go off when ever he was angry or annoyed. James threw his wrench across the room in frustration.

“Why does it have to be so darn hard?”

To be honest James wasn’t much of a computer guy. He was more of a sporty sort of guy. He had short dark brown hair and definitely wasn’t good at computers. He reread the instructions and sort of understood step 1. So he got off to work. When he had finished step 2 he foolishly threw the instructions in the air with triumph but the wind caught it and blew it out the window. He was doomed.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed James.

What was he doing. He was just starting to get the hang of it and he had to go and chuck it out the window.

He was so frustrated he kicked the power cord. It felt good and bad. Good for all the trouble it gave him and bad because it plainly hurt. He did it again. This time it felt different but before he could contemplate any more he was whisked away.

James did not know what he was seeing. He was seeing mythical creatures such as satyrs, gryphons and centaurs. They all looked at him and They charged at him.

“Please, no don’t do it” he yelled.

But at the exact moment he thought he was going to die. A hand grabbed the scruff of his neck and he was hoisted away to safety.

“Thank you” said James “but I should really be getting back home now”

The unknown person leaned in closer. He started making all these grunting noises. James looked at him with a confused face and so did his unknown savior. It dawned on him that they couldn’t communicate so he wouldn’t be able to get back.

“Is-there-any-way-back-home” said James stretching out each syllable and adding a hand gesture for each. The unknown savior shook his head and there was a very long silence. Misery flooded James as he thought that he would never see his mum, his dad and his brother again. The unknown savior shot his finger in the air and said.

“Me ‘ave spell. Me wizard”

The wizard started a spell naming all the most popular computer games in the world. Before James new it he was home again. Happiness filled him.


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