Diggy Dig


Diggy Dig is very much like Crossy Road in the fact that you are trying to get as far as you can avoiding various obstacles Except in Crossy Road you are jumping across roads but in Diggy Dig you are digging into the ground. In Diggy Dig when you are digging down into the ground you have two bars at the top of  your screen. The blue bar is your hunger and the red is your quest bar. When you get around to about attempt ten a quest will appear in the screen you get after you die. If you complete these quests you will get a certain amount of bonus coins depending on how hard the quest is. When you are digging you will come across coins which just adds 1 more coin to your total each, ice cream and cake which takes your hunger bar up, stone which takes longer to break than the dirt, but if you go directly below a stone block it will fall on you and you will die, water blocks which will slow you down, lava blocks which kills you if you go in them or around them, normal dirt which is easy to break, cracked dirt which makes you fall instantly and pipe systems which you can only o through when there is no water. When you get 150 coins you get a character from the skill crane. Unlike Crossy Road, in Diggy Dig you get to look at some of the characters you can get but not all the characters are there. You also get to control the crane to try and win the character you want. You can level up characters by playing them a lot, every score you get while playing that character goes towards their experience points. The first level up costs 1000 experience points. Also depending on which character you get you have a certain background. With the first character the goat you are at a farm but with other characters you can backgrounds like the beach and a grave yard.

links for ios and android

iOS: https://goo.gl/Ggf15u
Android: https://goo.gl/dZzbsf


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